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Old Fort Bay, The Bahamas: Community Review

The Bahamas is home to many exclusive and luxurious communities in the world, one of the most popular being Old Fort Bay. This private gated community offers its residents all the amenities of island life, while also providing luxurious real estate properties, a private club providing an exclusive dining experience.


One of the most famous communities in The Bahamas, Old Fort Bay’s lush landscape allows visitors and homeowners alike to experience peace and serenity, while its exclusive club provides luxuries and amenities to all its members. Overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas, the club offers both views and waterfront adventures for its members and guests.


What is the Old Fort Bay Community in The Bahamas?

The Old Fort Bay Club opened in 2002. Since its opening, this exclusive club has served some of the most well-known celebrities and guests. The club was initially built as a hideout from pirates invading Nassau’s beautiful beaches in the 1700s.


Today, the community offers its residents and renters luxurious properties, exclusive amenities, and one-of-a-kind activities you won’t find anywhere else. 


Where is Old Fort Bay located? 

The gated community of Old Fort Bay is located in Nassau on New Providence Island, just east of Lyford Cay. Old Fort Bay sits on one of the most pristine beaches in Nassau, making it the perfect beachside community to get away from all of your troubles and enjoy a great view at the same time. 


Although Old Fort Bay is known for its exclusivity and privacy, its proximity to the capital city of Nassau makes it a great destination for a day trip. With such a luxurious real estate market in Nassau, it’s no surprise that properties in Old Fort Bay are extremely sought-after. 


Old Fort Bay Community Review 

The Old Fort Bay community provides its residents with endless amenities, private access to beaches, and world-class dining establishments. This review will cover all the perks homeowners and members experience when in the Old Fort Bay community.


Old Fort Bay Real Estate 


The real estate in Old Fort Bay is beyond compare. While some might prefer a luxury apartment or condo near the populated city center and others are looking for more of a private villa, Old Fort Bay has every home imaginable. 


Many of Old Fort Bay’s properties come with access to secluded and private beaches. Home buyers can also custom-build their dream waterfront homes if they want!


Buyers can’t go wrong when they buy real estate in Old Fort Bay, but The Bahamas market can be difficult to navigate because it has such sought-after real estate, and property on the island is such a great investment.  Fortunately, Rodland Real Estate guides their customers through all the complexities of buying a house in The Bahamas. They also provide all the details on their listed properties, providing you with exclusive access to private luxury properties before they hit the market.


If you’re ready to embrace a life of luxury, call Rodland Real Estate today!


Old Fort Bay Amenities


Old Fort Bay Club offers its members endless amenities, including access to pools, a fitness center, spa, fine dining venues, and more. Here’s a quick look at all the wonderful amenities the club’s residents and members can enjoy:

  • Beach: Old Fort Bay sits on one of Nassau’s loveliest beaches. Members are encouraged to lounge around and sunbathe or participate in some water activities if they desire. 
  • Spa: Enjoy luxury like never before with a deep tissue massage, Old Fort signature massage, or hot stone therapy. 
  • Fitness Center: More active members can access the club’s fitness center, stocked with weight equipment, cardio machines, and daily group fitness classes.


Old Fort Bay Activities


The luxury experience Old Fort Bay offers its residents doesn’t end at the club. The island’s stunning flora and fauna decorate every square inch of the community. Whether you want to partake in a padel tournament, a meditative walk through the Labyrinth, or explore the islands surrounding the gated community, there is no end to what residents and visitors can experience in Old Fort Bay. 


Old Fort Bay, Bahamas Weather


The weather in The Bahamas is always fantastic, no matter when you choose to visit the islands. Old Fort Bay’s weather is no exception. The temperature never drops below 60º, and rarely rises about 80º. 


Although it might be wise to avoid hurricane season, which takes place between June and November, the other months are less populated and feature clear skies for days. 


Types of Property for Sale in Old Fort Bay, Bahamas

No matter what kind of home or property you want, Old Fort Bay has endless options. If you’re ready to embrace ultimate privacy, consider investing in a private beachfront villa. 


Luxury Homes for Sale in Old Fort Bay


Old Fort Bay has hundreds of luxury houses on the island. These beautiful houses have multiple rooms, bathrooms, and amenities for you and your guests. If you would like to explore luxury listings on Old Fort Bay, whether to rent or own, Old Fort Bay is one of the best places to do so. 


Rodland Real Estate is here to help you find your dream home.


Old Fort Bay Condos & Apartments


If you prefer a more compact yet luxurious living space, an apartment or condo might be just what you need. While Old Fort Bay offers single-family homes starting at a minimum of 4 to 5 bedrooms, there are also fantastic condos nearby if you’re interested in the area. 


Find your future luxury apartment or condo by the ocean today!


Private Lots & Estates for Sale


If you haven’t found your dream home yet, maybe it’s time to choose your own adventure. Old Fort Bay has several lots and private estates that you can customize throughout the community. The community's natural layout creates a perfect place for private and custom homes all over the island. When you buy a lot in Old Fort Bay, you have the freedom to create your dream home. 


Rodland Real Estate has some of the most beautiful private islands and lots available in Old Fort Bay.


More About Old Fort Bay, Bahamas 

If you’re still curious about how Old Fort Bay became the beautiful community it is today, here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered:


What is the history of Old Fort Bay? 

One of the main draws of Old Fort Bay is its exclusive club, which was originally built in the 18th century to fend off pirates. Much later in the 1920s, after the threat of pirates and buccaneers passed, the fort entered its glamor era. 


James Cox Brady won ownership of the land in a card game. Although he passed soon after, his late wife remarried the world traveler, C. Suydam Cutting. The two filled the fort with treasures, but it was abandoned after his wife’s death. In 2002, Joe Lewis, a British businessman, joined the Tavistock Group and the New Providence Development Company to create the private community of Old Fort Bay. 


What is the average price of real estate in Old Fort Bay, Bahamas? 

Real estate in Old Fort Bay is worth the cost, considering all the amenities homeowners enjoy. Real estate prices range from $20,000 a month for luxury rentals to $40+ million, for multi-family houses. 


Can you rent a house in the Old Fort Bay Community? 

House rentals are an extremely popular real estate opportunity for those who want to experience life in Old Fort Bay before buying a property. Rodland Real Estate offers rental options in the exclusive community. 


Find Your Dream Home in Old Fort Bay Community in The Bahamas

Old Fort Bay offers its residents and guests a life of luxury, exclusivity, and privacy. From its sprawling houses to its ultra-private villas, there are endless real estate opportunities in this exclusive gated community. 


Members are treated to endless amenities and access to some of the best beaches and oceans surrounding The Bahamas. Visitors from all across the globe are drawn to the community’s history and legacy. 


If you’re looking to experience all the perks of an exclusive island life, Rodland Real Estate’s team of experts can help you find your dream home. The team at Rodland Real Estate is dedicated to guiding their customers through the ever-changing Bahamian real estate market. 


Rodland’s approach is different from other real estate companies. They stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends, so that you don’t have to. Rodland Real Estate understands that real estate is personal to everyone, which is why they offer diverse luxury listings across The Bahamas. As active members of this community, Old Fort Bay is one of the main communities Rodland Real Estate focuses on, making them true experts. Additionally, they offer exclusive private listings in the community that are not yet available to the general public.


Call Rodland Real Estate and own your dream home in Old Fort Bay.

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