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Best Caribbean Island to Buy a Home

Caribbean-style living offers an alternative approach to the busy lifestyle many find in the US, Canada, or other surrounding territories. With breathtaking nature, exceptional views, and year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder so many people choose to live on a Caribbean island. But what is the best Caribbean island to buy a home or property on?


Whether you’re looking for a stunning villa, tucked away from the busy island life, a decadent waterfront property in The Bahamas, or you want your home to reflect the unique architecture of the island, the Caribbean islands are the perfect place to look. 


Not only are properties in the Caribbean islands extremely sought out, but they’re also fantastic investment opportunities, for those looking to buy property internationally. There are a few things to think about and organize before you can buy a home on a Caribbean island. 


If you’re considering buying a home on a Caribbean island, this article is for you!


Why Invest in Caribbean Real Estate

The Caribbean is an incredible place to invest in property and real estate. Not only are these islands stunning and exude rich culture, natural and historical sites, and perfect weather, but they also come with unique advantages for home and property owners.


Here are a few benefits of investing in Caribbean real estate. 


Variety of Options 

The Caribbean islands are a melting pot of rich cultures, distinct architecture, and natural wonders. Although every island offers a luxurious island experience, they also offer different property types. 


Whether you want to buy a family-style home, or you’re searching for an investment property, there is a Caribbean island that will best fit your needs. 


Tax Incentives 

One of the main reasons so many are turning to Caribbean island real estate is because they are tax-friendly. The properties on these islands are not only highly sought-after, but they increase their affordability through low tax liability. 


The Caribbean properties most known for their tax incentives are The Bahamas, Panama, and the Cayman Islands.  


Access to Nature

While all of the Caribbean Islands boast a vibrant culture, they are also deeply rooted in nature. Many islands are committed to sustainability and tackling environmental issues. The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is just one of the initiatives the islanders have made. This program creates investments and interest in inventions such as renewable energy, eco-tourism, and climate resilience. 


Visitors and property owners in the Caribbean have the unique advantage of exploring local flora and fauna right outside of their homes. 


Quality of Life 

Living on a Caribbean Island has been proven to improve individuals’ quality of life. An island lifestyle is so far removed from the typical North American lifestyle. It’s more intentional, ingrained in nature, and slower. 


The Caribbean Islands offer year-round sunshine, natural wonders, and pristine beaches, creating a quintessentially perfect life for all the island’s residents. 


Proximity to North America

Another reason so many people invest in property in the Caribbean Islands is because they are close to North America. These islands are located right off the coast of Florida, making the commute extremely easy for North Americans. 


Americans also have an easier time adjusting to island life, as the USD and the BSD are the same value and many locals are English-speaking. Although the Caribbean Islands are considered overseas territory, they are much closer to the US than many assume. 


Best Caribbean Islands to Buy a Home

What is the best Caribbean Island to buy a home or property on for your needs? Because every island offers unique accommodations, there is something for everyone. Here are the best Caribbean Island real estate options.


1. The Bahamas



The Bahamas has some of the most sought-after real estate options in the world. The Bahamian islands offer a wide array of lively nightlife, entertainment, education, and other benefits for property owners. 


Not only are these islands some of the most popular places to visit in the world, but The Bahamas also offers all the natural beauty of living on an exotic island, while also not being too far away from the US. Bahamian properties are extremely sought-after for their stunning architecture, access to water, and several other amenities available only in The Bahamas  



  • Tax-friendly 
  • Stable real estate market
  • Stable, democratic government
  • Excellent education
  • Free primary healthcare
  • Friendly neighborhoods
  • Laid-back lifestyle 
  • Access to stunning beaches
  • Great investment property
  • Natural flora and fauna throughout the islands
  • Diverse real estate options



  • High amount of tourism (which may be a pro for some!)
  • Higher-than-average cost of living


Rodland Real Estate specializes in properties in The Bahamas, offering properties that range from luxury listings in the capital of Nassau to private villas in Albany.


Explore Rodland’s luxury listings in The Bahamas!


2. St. Kitts and Nevis


The dual island of St. Kitts and Nevis sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The stunning island features mountains and beaches, as well as several nature trails, volcanos, and animals. St. Kitts and Nevis is a great Caribbean island for those wanting to fill their days with adventure and discovery. 



  • World-class medical schools
  • Strong economy 
  • Free healthcare for those younger than 18



  • Expensive cost of living and rental rates
  • Limited job prospects

3. Antigua and Barbuda



These twin islands are a beautiful tropical pair. Antigua has 95 miles of coastline, providing limitless waterfront properties. Her sister island, Barbuda, is surrounded by protective reefs, lagoons, and a Frigate Bird Sanctuary


Together, these Caribbean islands have pink and white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and some of the best weather in the world. 



  • One of the safest islands in the Caribbean
  • Fast-developing country
  • Free education for individuals under 16



  • High monthly rent
  • Restrictions on buying real estate under citizenship programs


4. Grenada


Also known as the Isle of Spice, Grenada is a haven for adventure and nature seekers. The island has dedicated itself to environmental work, most known for its ecotourism and natural splendors. 


Grenada’s natural geography offers a plethora of adventures from untouched rainforests, to the tallest mountains, and even 14 waterfalls. This tropical haven is a favorite destination for many. 



  • An extremely safe Caribbean island
  • Affordability options and investments 
  • Excellent healthcare systems and medical schools



  • Some limitations on healthcare and education, due to the smallness of the island 


5. St Lucia 



Home to white sand beaches, volcanic mud baths, ziplining, and hundreds of dining venues, Saint Lucia is one of the top-rated islands in the Caribbean. As the only sovereign nation to be named after a woman, this island is captivating, adventurous, and inspirational. 



  • Low rental prices
  • Access to amazing medical schools
  • Affordable prices and lifestyle



  • No public healthcare
  • Heavy tourism

6. Dominica



The island of Dominica offers its residents breathtaking beauty, stunning homes and properties, and a rich lifestyle. Dominica is a well-known beacon for world travelers. The island has everything an adventurer dreams of, including rainforests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and volcanoes.  



  • Low cost of rent and real estate
  • Lush nature
  • Over 60 schools, both private and public



  • No public healthcare
  • Citizens must travel to reach hospitals and other medical help


7. Jamaica



If you’re looking for an island rich with culture and vibrant energy, Jamaica is perfect. Locals are known for their laid-back nature, while the island has a plethora of natural beauties and adventures built into its geography.  



  • Myriad entertainment, shopping, and dining options
  • Stunning weather
  • Rich cultural experience 



  • Expensive property costs
  • Heavy tourist seasons


8. Dominican Republic



Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the tropical island of the Dominican Republic has everything you could look for in a home. From pristine beaches to luxury resorts, hotels, and other entertainment options, life is never boring in the Dominican Republic. 



  • One of the most affordable places to live in the Caribbean
  • Stunning climate
  • Access to nature



  • High crime rates
  • No free healthcare

9. The Cayman Islands



The Cayman Islands are renowned for their stunning beaches, rich history, and myriad activities. The three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman all offer a unique island experience to visitors and residents.



  • One of the safest islands in the Caribbean
  • Clean living 
  • Low crime



  • Weather risk with hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Expensive property


How to Buy Property in the Caribbean 

If you’re ready to buy a house in the Caribbean, there are a few things you’ll need to do. 


1. Choose a Caribbean island

The first step to buying a home or property on a Caribbean island is finding the best one for you. Review our list above and see which island’s pros and cons best align with your needs for the


2. Select your property type

Once you know which Caribbean island best suits your needs, it’s time to choose what property you want to buy. Every Caribbean island offers a unique living experience with diverse living options available. Some Caribbean islands are known for their apartments, while others boast luxury multi-family homes. Decide where you’re looking for a secluded villa, a private condo, or a luxury house on your dream island.


3. Work with a best-in-class real estate agency 

Once you’ve picked out the best Caribbean island to fit your needs, it’s time to work with the best real estate agency. Whether you’re looking for a sky-high apartment building or considering buying a private island in the Caribbean, a real estate agency can help you meet all of these goals. 


Rodland Real Estate understands the ins and outs of buying a home or investing in property in The Bahamas. If you’re considering moving to The Bahamas, partner with Rodland Real Estate today and find your dream home tomorrow. 


More on Buying Homes in the Caribbean

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about buying property in the Caribbean. 


What is the safest Caribbean island to buy property?

Grenada is often considered one of the safest Caribbean countries, making it a popular location for solo travelers or families. Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and Montserrat are also known for their safety. 


What is the most affordable Caribbean island to buy real estate?  

Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, and the Dominican Republic are all known for their surprising affordability. Grenada has the most affordable Caribbean real estate, where the average price per square meter is $2,000.


Can foreigners own beachfront property in the Caribbean?

Yes. Many foreigners see the Caribbean islands as a wonderful place to buy and invest in property, especially waterfront locations. The Caribbean encourages foreigners to buy land on their property, as it boosts the economy and interest. 


Foreign buyers do have to go through a process and obtain an Alien Landholding License (ALHL) before buying property unless they are investing under a citizen-by-investment program


Where is the best place to buy condos in the Caribbean?

Many people consider The Dominican Republic to be one of the best places to buy condos in the Caribbean. Almost all of The Dominican Republic’s condos are within walking distance of the country’s pristine, white-sand beaches and come with breathtaking views. 


The Bahamas also has fantastic condos all across its many islands. Because of the breathtaking views the islands are known for, most of the island’s condos are on the water and close to all the amenities, activities, and entertainment you could want. 


Explore the Best Caribbean Islands to Buy a Home

Are you ready to call paradise your home? Whether you’re looking for an island full of vibrant cultural moments, one dedicated to sustainability, or an investment that will fit your financial goals, we hope this article helped you find the perfect island for your future.


The team at Rodland Real Estate understands how much planning and preparation goes into finding property on Caribbean islands, like The Bahamas. When you’re buying a luxury property in The Bahamas, it’s not just a one-time thing. Their team walks you through every step of the process, answering your questions and providing expert support. Rodland understands that real estate is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why they offer several real estate listings on every Bahamian island to fit their customers’ needs.


Contact Rodland Real Estate today for access to private listings not yet available to the general public and get ready to make one of these stunning islands your home!

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