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A Guide to Dunmore Town, Harbour Island Luxury Real Estate [2024]

Discover the ultimate guide to luxury real estate in Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Bahamas. Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Dunmore Town represents the history and charm of the Bahamas, offering homebuyers an opportunity to indulge in the quintessence of island living. 

From historic colonial estates decorated with vibrant pastel hues to contemporary waterfront villas with panoramic ocean views, this guide reveals the exclusive world of luxury properties that define the essence of Harbour Island's allure. 


Where is Dunmore Town in The Bahamas? 

Famous for its historical allure, vibrant colonial architecture, and exquisite pink sand beaches, Dunmore Town is situated on Harbour Island, which is to the Northeast of the main island of Eleuthera. 

Located 60 miles east of Nassau and approximately 230 miles to the east of the tip of Florida, Eleuthera, and Harbour Island are surrounded by a multitude of cays and sandbars.


How to Find Your Luxury Dunmore Town Real Estate

Starting the journey to finding your dream Dunmore Town property is an exciting endeavor. However, there are a few crucial steps that will make the process smoother.

Among them, choosing a property type that suits you or your family’s needs, working with a seasoned team of realtors, and of course, considering all your options!

1. Pick your dream Dunmore Town property type

Dunmore Town offers a wide range of property types to suit your preferences. To begin your search, consider the type of residence that feels appealing to you, whether it be a waterfront mansion, a luxury condo, a lavish apartment, or countless other options. 

2. Work with the best Bahamas real estate agency 

It’s also essential to find the right real estate team for your Dunmore property search. The team at Rodland Real Estate has unmatched expertise and deep knowledge of the Bahamian islands and their communities. 

Rodland Real Estate is dedicated to discovering the ultimate luxury real estate options in The Bahamas. They’ll create a solid foundation of trust, reliability, and intent to foster long-term relationships not only as your real estate broker but as your advisors and connection to the Bahamian community.

Get in touch with Rodland Real Estate

3. Browse Dunmore Town real estate options 

Take a look at some recent Harbour listings to help get you thinking about which type of property might be right for you. 

Explore stunning luxury properties on Harbour Island


Dunmore Town Real Estate By Property Type

dunmore town


To embark on your journey to finding your own slice of Bahamian paradise, the first decision to make is the type of property you’re looking for. Fortunately, Dunmore Town presents a diverse range of property types to choose from. 

Luxury Dunmore Town Condos & Apartments 

Condos are a popular choice for buyers and renters in The Bahamas, as they offer wonderful amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and 24-hour security. These types of properties are suitable for individuals, couples, or small families who seek a low-maintenance option with plenty of shared residential amenities and community. 

Browse all Harbour Island and Dunmore Town properties

Luxury Dunmore Town Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are standalone properties in residential neighborhoods or gated communities that often come with more space, privacy, and their own yards or gardens. These residencies are perfect for small families or couples who prefer a more traditional home but with more autonomy than a condo or apartment. 

Browse Dunmore Town and Harbour Island homes

Luxury Dunmore Town Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family homes consist of two or more living units within a shared space or structure. This property type is more suited for investors looking to generate rental income by leasing out multiple units for families who wish to live or visit together.

This option allows for families or groups to share a close space while also maintaining a certain level of autonomy. 

View Dunmore Town and Harbour Island homes

Luxury Dunmore Town Villas 

Villas, especially those on Harbour Island, are ultra-luxurious, standalone properties found in upscale residential communities or resort areas. They feature spacious layouts, high-end finishes, private pools, and stunning ocean views. Villas are favored by affluent buyers seeking exclusivity and privacy.

Explore Dunmore Town’s luxury villas here. 

Land For Sale in Dunmore Town

Purchasing land in The Bahamas provides the opportunity for you to build a custom home or develop a commercial property according to your own unique preferences. Land parcels come in various sizes and locations, including beachfront, waterfront, or inland. 

Purchasing land allows greater flexibility and creative control over the design and construction of your dream property.

Explore land for sale in Dunmore Town 

About Living in Dunmore Town, Harbour Island 

harbour island


Dunmore Town is one of the oldest settlements situated in The Bahamas. Much of its charm comes from brightly painted wood-shuttered colonial homes, roaming roosters, and narrow, golf-cart-friendly streets. 

A popular spot for many luxury rental residents, this charming town boasts a colorful nightlife along with boutique shopping, coffee shops, and local restaurants.

As with many Bahamian destinations, this town is distinguished by its friendly residents and easy living. Of course, the pink sand beaches and lucid blue waters only enhance the magnificence of this small Bahamian townlet. 

Dunmore Town Luxury Communities

Dunmore Town, in particular, is known for its upscale real estate offerings and features an abundance of luxury communities for you to enjoy. Among them include: 

  • Romora Bay Club: This waterfront club offers luxury residential properties, along with fine dining and other upscale amenities. 
  • Pink Sands Resort: While Pink Sands is in fact a resort, it also offers luxury cottages and villas for sale or rent. 
  • Historic Bay Street: Historic Bay Street hugs the Western shore of Dunmore Town and is home to many of the colorful and historical colonial homes on Harbour Island. It’s also situated right along the water, making it a fan favorite on the island. 
  • Briland Club: The Briland Club in Dunmore Town offers a mix of residential options, such as custom homes, homesites, and villas, along with high-end dining experiences, a spa, a fitness center, and access to marine activities.

Browse luxury communities in The Bahamas 


Harbour Island, known by its residents as “Briland” has one of the longest and richest histories in The Bahamas. This quaint island is around 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and was once the capital of The Bahamas. 

Dunmore Town itself takes its name from Lord Dunmore, the first Governor of The Bahamas, who served from 1787 to 1796. To this day, Dunmore Town serves as the main, and only town on Harbour Island, and is one of the oldest settlements in the islands. 

Notably, this charming and colorful town is best known for its colonial architecture and rich heritage but boasts pink sandy beaches, stunning vistas, and friendly local culture. Harbour Island is home to a three-mile-long pink beach that runs the entire length of the east side of the island, protected by an outlying coral reef that makes the turquoise water one of the most alluring swimming and snorkeling spots in the world. 

Outside of the rich history and captivating scenery, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and resorts that provide a social atmosphere filled with music from the tropics, lovely people, and of course, Kalik on tap. 


Dunmore Town on Harbour Island has some choices available to residents, especially for younger students. 

For a wider range of schooling and educational opportunities, residents can explore the options available on the main island of Eleuthera. Here, students of all ages can find beneficial educational resources to support their learning journey. Some of these options include: 

  • The Harbour Island Green School: This school currently serves students from Kindergarten to Junior High, with hopes to develop into a K-12 institution in the near future.
  • The Island School: Located on neighboring Eleuthera, The Island School is an internationally renowned educational institution that offers semester and summer programs for high school students, primarily with a focus on marine science and sustainability. 
  • Government Schools: There are many government-run primary and secondary schools on Eleuthera Island, which students from Dunmore can attend. 


More Information About Dunmore Town Real Estate 

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about Dunmore Town real estate. 

Who has homes on Harbour Island?

Dunmore Town on Harbour Island is a luxurious community that has no shortage of wealthy inhabitants. It has been called the “Nantucket of the Caribbean” because of its concentration of billionaires and celebrities and several colonial-era homes. 

Despite this fact, Harbour Island has enough versatility to entice people of all backgrounds, which makes it home to a rich community of all kinds of people.   

Can a US citizen buy property in The Bahamas?

The short answer: yes! The Bahamas are a popular destination for international real estate investment, and foreign buyers are generally welcomed by the government. However, like any place else, there are regulations and procedures that U.S. buyers must follow when purchasing Bahamian property. 

Luckily, working with an experienced real estate team like Rodland Real Estate can help you effortlessly navigate the ins and outs of Bahamian policies and guidelines. The team is here to be your trusted advisors–providing invaluable knowledge, connections, and guidance every step of the way.

What is the average cost of a home in The Bahamas?

The real estate sector in The Bahamas is “hot” and has only continued to grow and thrive since the damaging effects of the pandemic–particularly in the high-end market. In 2024, the average price of a home in The Bahamas hovers around 3 million USD. However, the luxury property market offers a wide range of options, with prices starting at 1 million USD and exceeding 9 million USD.


Find Your Luxury Dunmore Town Real Estate 

Whether you’re seeking a multi-million dollar villa, a luxury condo, or the perfect plot to build your dream home, Dunmore Town, Bahamas has every option available.  

So the question isn’t whether or not your perfect property awaits you on Harbour Island–it’s whether you’ll work with the right team of realtors to meet your every need.  

Rodland Real Estate is the top luxury real estate brokerage and the premier choice for discerning clients seeking exclusive properties in The Bahamas. Rodland Real Estate is a Bahamian-American-led firm with a deep understanding of the Islands and the Bahamian real estate market. Their combined knowledge and expertise make them perfectly equipped to ensure that every aspect of your Bahamian real estate experience exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to luxury real estate in The Bahamas, no other real estate firm is better equipped to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to get started on your Bahamian real estate journey. 

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